Oktober 21, 2009

Travel with Baby

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Car Journeys With Baby

- A good car seat is, of course, essential. Make sure the seat is the correct model for your baby's age-group and weight and ensure that all straps are securely fastened.

- Always place baby's seat in the rear of the car and NEVER in the front seat where the passenger air-bag is located.

- Always operate the child locking system for the car doors - a curious baby on a long journey will find the door handle very tempting!

- Attach removeable window shades to your car's window - your baby will become very hot and uncomfortable if not protected from the sun on a long journey.

- Dress baby in light layers of clothing - temperatures may fluctuate, so it's important to be able to easily adjust his clothing and keep him cool and comfortable.


- Always carry a baby first aid kit in your car.

- Decide to travel day/night - For long car journeys with baby, travelling at night is often the best option, as he is more likely to sleep until you've arrived!

- Feeding your baby - make sure you prepare disposable bibs, baby's bowl and feeding utensils,

- Alway entertained your baby - brings toys, baby music CDs and anything that work.

- Brings enough nappy, plastic bag & wet tissue. Also consider to stop every 2-3 hours if driving in a day. This gives you a chance to re-vitalise and gives baby some time out of the car seat

Air Travel with Baby

Before you fly, contact your airline (tel/visit website) to know the facilities they offer for parent traveling with baby. Such as:
- if you can pre-book a sky cot/bassinet and the maximum age/weight that it will accommodate.
- If possible, choose where on the aircraft you would like to sit.
- Take note the rules about baby food & milk
- Consider booking an extra seat for air travel with baby - if not, you will be expected to sit with an infant under 2 years of age on your lap. Depending on the length of your flight, this can be very hard work, particularly with an older baby.

Always allow yourself plenty of time at the airport when travelling with your baby - remember that everything will take longer and you may have last minute nappy/diaper or clothing changes to contend with!

Some airports offer fast-track customs or immigration points for families with very young children - definitely worth looking out for!

A baby sling/carrier can be really useful, as it leaves your hands free for carrying other things!

If you have not booked an extra seat for baby, ask if the flight is full. If not - and if you are lucky - the airline assistant may keep the seat beside you empty, or offer a seat next to a vacant seat.

The changes in pressure on take-off and landing can cause ear pain, so breastfeed your baby or offer a bottle at these times to encourage sucking. This has never been a problem for any of our children - in fact, my ears seem to hurt more than theirs! Beware of existing ear infections, however - flying can increase the pain quite significantly and air travel with baby should really be avoided in this situation.

Change your baby's nappy immediately before the flight - if you are lucky, he may not need changing again until you arrive. Instead of hauling all your hand luggage to the bathroom with you every time baby's nappy needs changing, pack yourself separate little "changing bags" - just put one nappy and a few wipes into individual nappy sacks so you have all you need for each change.

Make sure you bring spare clothing for yourself too - its maybe useful if anything happen.

Make sure you offer your baby plenty of drinks throughout the flight as air travel can be quite dehydrating.

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